Links – Red Warehouse Myoko

Links – Red Warehouse Myoko

Useful Information & Links

Need to keep yourself online or connected?

There’s lots of great info to check here about travel SIMs, phones, walkie-talkies, etc.

Stopping over in Tokyo? Needs some hints where to stay?

We recommend to stay around Ueno. It’s a great central location, very easy to get to/from Narita via the Keisei Express plus also catch the shinkansen to Nagano. Two places worth looking at are the Hotel Marutani which is basic but comfortable and Sutton Place which is a little more upmarket. Ueno Park is nice for a stroll around with museums, zoo, galleries, lake, etc. Tokyo is hectic but actually quite safe for travel. There are lots of fun family things to do there like Disneyland, Kidzania, Odaiba and many others.

Other links

We’d like to acknowledge not only many of the local businesses who we work with but also the businesses of some of our guests and visitors.

If you’d like to have a link please contact us


Manfreds Photography – Manfred came to visit us last season and took some great photographs, many of which are featured on this site.

The Matt Image – Matty Hull worked in Myoko for several seasons and some of his photos feature on our pages.

Ski Rental

Aoyama Sports – Aoyama is a local ski rental business that offers exclusive discounts to Red Warehouse guests.

Myoko Snowsports – Many of our guests use these great people. Download their Myoko ski reservation form here.


The Kitchen Maker – The Kitchen Maker specialises in custom made kitchen, all types of joinery work and bathroom renovations with personal service

Other local accommodation

All of our friendly neighbours are listed here.

Myoko Backpackers – A new website focusing on local budget accommodation

Japan information

The Japan Channel – Great English friendly business listings

Hyperdia – great way to check train fares and schedules in Japan

More to come soon!


Myoko ski school, backcountry guides, child care