Myoko video gallery from Red Warehouse guests

Myoko videos from our Red Warehouse guests

Red Warehouse guest videos: a gallery
A few of our guests have put together Myoko videos of their trip here. These should give you a great feel for the area and for Red Warehouse. See more local videos here.

Tree skiing in Myoko Japan

On the Myoko Express
Jaakko Järvensivu came to visit us in February 2016 whilst writing an article for FinnAir Blue Wings (pages 46-53) and In The Snow (pages 22-23). He also wrote a longer extended blog piece entitled ‘On the Myoko Express‘. He was joined by friend and photographer Juha Laine.

Reunion (Trailer)

Reunion (Trailer)
Ant and Nick meet again, this time in Japan, in Myoko, at Red Warehouse.

Enjoy the trailer. Also check out their day at Myoko Suginohara!

Tweakers Hit Japan Chapter 1

Tweakers Hit Japan Chapter 1
This Myoko video is by Paul, Jason, Adam and the crew who visited us in February 2015

Tweakers Hit Japan Chapter 2

Tweakers Hit Japan Chapter 2
Second installment of the Red Warehouse & Myoko video series by Paul.

Akakura Japan Skiing

Skiing in Akakura
Alex and his Utah crew came and stayed with us in late January 2015.

I was lucky enough to join on a trip with 5 friends to go skiing in Japan in search for the “rare” Japan powder. We were lodged at an awesome hotel called The Red Warehouse. Nic was the man and had great suggestions even on down days on what to do in the surrounding area. We visited a few of the resorts around us and the surrounding valley.

NY 2016 Myoko dawn skiing

NY Dawn skiing 2016
Dawn skiing on NY Day is always a popular activity. Here’s a Myoko video from January 2016 by Ben. Love the crowd line-up!

NY Dawn Skiing 2015

Dawn Skiing 01/01/2015
Another dawn skiing on NY Day. This is a great video from the teenage son of one of the families staying with us on January 1, 2015. Really encapsulates the experience.
Myokoing: Undiscovered Skiing in Japan
Not from one of our guests but a great video that encapsulates the Myoko experience.

Myokoing: Undiscovered Skiing in Japan

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