Getting to Myoko Red Warehouse, Akakura Onsen

Getting to Myoko Red Warehouse


Getting to Red Warehouse, Myokokogen Access

Getting to Red Warehouse, Myokokogen Access

Getting to Myoko Red Warehouse: Overview

Getting to Myoko Red Warehouse is super easy. Follow the instructions below for getting to Myoko Red Warehouse from Tokyo, Narita, Nagano, Nozawa Onsen and other parts of Japan.

Important info:

Our address is:

Akakura Onsen (大字赤倉) 549-25, Myoko-shi, Niigata, Japan 949-2111

Our name in Japanese is:

インターナショナルロッジ 赤の蔵 (International Lodge Aka no Kura)

Print these out to show taxi drivers if needed.

Further good reading: Getting to Myoko Kogen / Tokyo to Myoko

Getting to Red Warehouse Myoko: Airport Taxi Transfer

Don’t want the hassle of carrying bags, herding children and changing trains? You can book a Myoko Shuttle for getting to Myoko Red Warehouse. The cost is approximately 12,000 each one way, per adult from the airport to our door (evenings only). For medium-large groups you can organise a direct chartered transfer from the airport or other resorts at reasonable cost. This journey will usually take 4-5 hours depending on traffic and weather conditions. Contact Destination JoetsuMyoko for more details.

Getting to Red Warehouse: Myoko Airport & Resorts Shuttle

Nagano Snow Shuttle offers up to three shuttles daily to Akakura Onsen in Myoko Kogen from Narita Airport, Haneda Airport and three other nearby ski resorts – Hakuba, Nozawa Onsen and Shiga Kogen.

From Narita

myoko transfer resort airport shuttle narita

From Haneda

myoko transfer resort airport shuttle Haneda

From Myoko

myoko transfer resort airport shuttle

From Nozawa

myoko transfer resort nozawa shuttle

From Hakuba

myoko transfer resort hakuba shuttle

Nagano Snow Shuttle


Scheduled Bus Service – Narita to Nagano

There is no other regular bus service direct from Tokyo to Myoko Kogen. However there is an overnight bus from Nagano to/from Narita Airport (via Matsumoto, Ueno and Tokyo Disneyland). The cost is 6,900. From Nagano catch the train to Myoko-Kogen Station (see above). Especially useful if arriving late or leaving early. See the Alpico Bus website for full details.

Getting to Myoko Red Warehouse: Coming by train from Tokyo/Airports

myoko accommodation red warehouse

Make your way from the airports to either Ueno or Tokyo Stations. This process is described in depth here. Once in Tokyo/Ueno, get on a Hokuriku or Nagano shinkansen headed for Nagano or Kanazawa. Visitors can buy a ticket at the airport through to Nagano, Iiyama or JoetsuMyoko if using the Narita Express train to Tokyo.

Use this very useful link to find train time tables and fares to Myoko-Kogen.

Coming via Nagano Station

This journey will usually take 3-4 hours depending on transfer times in Tokyo and Nagano. In Nagano change trains to the local Kita Shinano line bound for Myoko-Kogen station, the last stop. From Nagano Station to Myoko-Kogen Station it is about 45 minutes (with no on-train toilets FYI).

Once you get to Myoko-Kogen Station

Right at the front of the station there is a bus to go to the village which will cost less than 400 yen or you can also take a taxi. A taxi takes less than 10 minutes and will cost around 2,300 yen. See below for more details. There are plenty of English signs to help you in the process.

We can arrange a pick up for you if staff are available and we are provided enough notice.

Note: The Nagano-MyokoKogen leg is a private line so you will have to buy another ticket in Nagano, or pay upon your arrival in Myoko-Kogen.

When returning to Tokyo you can’t buy a return ticket to Tokyo in Myoko-Kogen Station. Upon arrival in Nagano buy a shinkansen ticket before continuing your journey. In cases of a short train change time you can pass through the transfer gates and buy your tickets on the bullet train.

Myoko Kogen Station Area. Getting to Red Warehouse, Myokokogen Access
Myoko Kogen Station bus stop to Akakura Onsen at the front of the station. Tourist office can be seen behind

Myoko-Kogen Station: Taxi Instructions

If you are catching a taxi and the driver doesn’t understand the name/address tell them “Akakura Onsen, Shokudo Shibata, hidari – hantai Hoteru Takeda” (Turn left at Shibata restaurant in Akakura Onsen – it’s opposite Hotel Takeda). It’s best if you tell them our name in Japanese (International Rodji Aka No Kura)

getting to myoko red warehouse location

Getting to Akakura Onsen via JoetsuMyoko Station

Another easy service is to catch the Hokuriku shinkansen to JoetsuMyoko Station (about 2 hours from Tokyo). JoetsuMyoko Station is about 25km from Akakura Onsen. From there (East Exit) catch the shuttle to the winter bus stop in Akakura Onsen. The winter bus stop is only about 3 minutes walk from the lodge but we can also pick you up if you advise your time of arrival. See the 2017/18 timetable here.

Joetsu myoko shuttle to akakura onsenExample schedules:

  • Leave Tokyo at 09.32
  • Arrive JoetsuMyoko at 11.30
  • Enjoy lunch in JoetsuMyoko Station or nearby food stalls/restaurants
  • Shuttle bus at 12.15
  • Arrive Akakura Onsen 13.09
  • Leave Tokyo at 13.24
  • Arrive JoetsuMyoko at 15.16
  • Shuttle bus at 15.30
  • Arrive Akakura Onsen 16.24

Getting to Myoko Red Warehouse: Coming by car from Tokyo

Hiring a car (see below) or living in Tokyo? Getting to Myoko on the Kanetsu Expressway is straightforward. Get on at Nerima IC, go to Fujioka Junction where you switch to the Joshinetsu Expressway headed towards Nagano City. About 20 minutes after you pass Nagano City you need to get off at Myoko Kogen exit. Upon exiting turn left at Route 18 and follow the signs to Akakura Onsen. The hotel is 6-8 drive minutes from the MyokoKogen IC exit. Once you are in the main street of Akakura you’ll see a Yamazaki store on the left and then next to that the Shibata restaurant. Turn left after Shibata and we are about 150m up on the left – opposite Takeda Hotel. See the map above for a visual check.

Car rental Myoko
Don’t forget your snow shovel!

Myoko Car Rental

We have a small free car park available right next to the lodge so some guests choose to rent cars for their ski trip. Apart from Akakura Onsen and Akakura Kanko (which are almost right on our doorstep), there are another 7 resorts all within 30 minutes of Red Warehouse (Kurohime KogenIkenotaira OnsenMyoko SuginoharaSeki OnsenArai Ski Resort, Madarao Kogen and Tangram Ski Circus) plus numerous others within 45-60 minutes inc.  Nozawa Onsen, Togakushi, Ryuoo, Hiuchi Charmant and Shiga Kogen.

Unfortunately there are no local rental car options for foreigners. In this case we usually recommend renting from JoetsuMyoko Station. The rental shops are either next to or really close to the station and it’s a straightforward 25-30 minute drive up Route 18 to Red Warehouse in Akakura Onsen. The other prime pick up locations for car rental would be Nagano or Iiyama. These are a similar distance to Myoko but navigation is a little trickier, but not impossible. We’d recommend taking English GPS if there is an option available.

Important notes about car rental in Myoko

  • Do make sure to have a valid international drivers licence and proper travel insurance;
  • Driving conditions here can be much more hazardous than in your home country;
  • If renting in Tokyo or Narita do make sure the car is fully winterised and 4WD;
  • Japan has zero alcohol tolerance for driving. If you drink anything, don’t drive;
  • Some local hotels and ski resorts charge a parking fee when visiting (500-1,000 yen per day). Do not park in an undesignated parking spot.

Nozawa Onsen to Myoko Red Warehouse

Getting to Myoko from Nozawa Onsen

  1. Private taxi/coach charter – 23,000 for regular taxi (2-4 people), 43,000 for van/coach (5-15 people)
  2. Snow Shuttle – 6,900 per person
  3. Nozawa to Madarao shuttle bus at 8.15am. Ski the day there, catch afternoon Powder Express to Akakura Onsen – app. 2,400 total per person
  4. Mount Myoko Shuttle – 2,500 per person (leaves Akakura Onsen at 12:00, leaves Nozawa Chuo at 14:00)
  5. Public transport. Nozawa Liner to Iiyama Station, train to Toyono Station, change lines/trains to Myoko Kogen, bus or taxi to Akakura Onsen – app. 2,500 total per person
  6. Public transport. Nozawa Liner to Iiyama Station, shinkansen to JoetsuMyoko Station. From there either, A) change lines/trains to Myoko Kogen, bus or taxi to Akakura Onsen – app. 6,500 total per person or B) Catch the Myoko Winter Shuttle to Akakura Onsen (see schedule above) – app. 5,500 total per person

Hakuba to Myoko Red Warehouse

Getting to Myoko from Hakuba

  1. Private taxi/coach charter – 35,000 for regular taxi (2-4 people), 59,000 for van/coach (5-15 people)
  2. Snow Shuttle – 6,900 per person
  3. Public transport. Bus to Nagano Station, train to Myoko Kogen, bus or taxi to Akakura Onsen – app. 2,200 – 3,000 total per person (note: do not take the train from Hakuba to Nagano. It is very slow!)
  4. Public transport. Bus to Nagano Station, shinkansen to JoetsuMyoko Station. From there either, A) change lines/trains to Myoko Kogen, bus or taxi to Akakura Onsen, or B) Catch the Myoko Winter Shuttle to Akakura Onsen (see schedule above) – app. 8,000 total per person

Getting to Myoko Red Warehouse: FAQ

A. If just travelling Tokyo – Myoko – Tokyo the JR East Pass is more expensive. Also it is not able to be used on the Nagano – MyokoKogen leg.

There is some discount available from JoetsuMyoko Station to Myokokogen

However if you are travelling a few more days before or after skiing then the JR East Pass is worth thinking about. For more details on the special Nagano/Niigata JR East Pass see here.

A. Apart from busy times there is no need to pre-book tickets. You can buy them at the airport or Tokyo Station.

A. No. Buy a ticket to Nagano and then buy a local line ticket in Nagano Station to Myoko-Kogen. We will also provide advice for you regarding this while you are here.

Short answer – Yes!

  1. If you want we can arrange a shared taxi from the airport to your hotel door at 16,900 one way, per adult and that will get you into here around midnight. If this is of interest please advise and we will send a request form to arrange it.
  2. The Snow Shuttle has a late shuttle that will bring you right to our door.
  3. Another idea is to get to Nagano that evening via train and stay at one of the Nagano City hotels conveniently located near the station. In the morning get up early and on a train to Myoko-Kogen for a full day of skiing.

Other useful Myoko transport information

Use this very useful link to find train time tables and fares to Myoko Kogen.

See more Myoko local transport info and bus schedule here.

For further details on getting to Myoko or if coming from other locations check the instructions via Explore the Heart of Japan.

Other questions? Just contact us!

Myoko Kogen Map

Getting to Myoko. Access map from airport to Myoko Kogen
Getting to Myoko. Access map from airport to Myoko Kogen

Local Transport:

The Myoko Resort Shuttle to Ikenotaira and Suginohara leaves from nearby the lodge as does the shuttle bus to Seki Onsen. Lodge shuttles (for RW guests only) to Madarao, Kurohime, Arai and Seki Onsen are also possible dependent on numbers.

Free supermarket shuttles run most days of the week depending upon demand. It’s about 10 minutes to the local supermarket in town and about 15 minutes to the larger Narus supermarket on Route 18. If you require anything urgently there’s a convenience store less than 2 minutes walk for all the basics you might need.

Other resources:

Myoko maps page

Google MapAkakura Onsen and Akakura Village

Google MapAkakan Resort (a.k.a. Akakura Kanko Resort)

Courier services to Myoko

If you are staying elsewhere before arriving at Red Warehouse it’s fine to courier any bags or skis to us and we will hold them for you. There is no need to book in advance. When you get to the airport just take your things to the courier counter (see faq & map here) and they will handle it all for you. If the counter is really busy take your bags with you to your city hotel and ask them to arrange it for you. It can also be done at a convenience store.

Print out this delivery address for your reference

Bus leaving for Akakura Onsen from Myokokogen Station. Getting to Myoko.
Bus leaving for Akakura Onsen from Myokokogen Station


Red Warehouse
Akakura 549-25
Myoko-shi, Niigata-ken


インターナショナルロッジ 赤の蔵

Ph: 0255-78-7828

If you are stopping somewhere on the way before your Japan departure we can also hold and send your luggage for you to collect at the airport before your flight. We will require your flight dates and flight number to do this.

For more information on sending luggage via courier see here.

If you are returning to us next season we will also hold luggage and skis for you.

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